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Taxation - Business

Moore recognise that every business is different.  From start-ups, owner managed businesses to complex international groups, their circumstances and goals may differ.  They are united however in that their success, profit and growth can be hindered without trusted and intelligent tax advice and support. Offering so much more than routine tax compliance, we advise clients on matters of huge importance with regards to tax planning. 

From basic compliance to high-level structuring, our corporate tax experts can help your business.  Whatever the requirement of your business, our team has extensive experience of various tax matters for both local and international tax including trust taxation to ensure that you never miss out on the advantages available.

Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)

Under the system of Tax Deduction at Source (TDS), the payer is required to deduct tax at the time the payment is received by or credited to the account of the payee. This is similar to the PAYE system whereby tax is deducted by employer at the time emoluments are made available to the employee. Nowadays, businesses are often unsure as to whether payments to non-residents should be subject to TDS.

We can provide advice:

  • On whether a payment falls under the TDS regime;

  • On whether a non-resident performing in Mauritius creates a permanent establishment and the TDS implications on payment for such services;

  • In determining the correct amount of tax to be withheld;

  • In relation to the interaction of TDS and relief under the double taxation agreements;

  • On the TDS filing and payment due dates;

  • Submission of monthly and annual TDS returns to the MRA.