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Audit & Assurance

At Moore, we are committed to delivering high-quality audits that give internal stakeholders, investors, suppliers and regulators confidence in the accuracy and thoroughness of financial reports.

At Moore, we deliver a robust and innovative approach to audit and assurance. We recognise the primary importance of internal control over financial reporting and for this reason, our audit approach emphasises risk management, IT assurance, data analytics and financial reporting. We consistently adhere to the highest standards – demonstrating technical excellence and the highest audit quality.

An audit’s primary objective is to provide an independent opinion on your annual accounts. It does not just provide confidence to the owner that a business is in good shape, it also offers assurance to third parties.

Therefore, whether you are seeking confirmation that you are meeting your performance objectives, or need assurance that your financial information is correct and fair, we can help. We will validate the accuracy and credibility of your information, giving internal stakeholders, investors, suppliers and regulators confidence that your reporting and management frameworks and corporate governance processes are sound.

Improving Your Systems and Controls
Working in a business day-in day-out can mean concentrating on specific issues while failing to see the bigger picture. In looking at the business from a completely independent view, we are able to suggest ideas for improvement that may not have otherwise been considered.

Our key deliverables typically include reports to the audit committee on significant risks, the design and implementation of internal control over financial reporting, IT controls and IT audit reports on transactions and reporting under International Standards on Auditing (ISA), review engagements, assurance engagements and related services.