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Financial Services

Financial Services forms the backbone of the Mauritian economy, employing over 15,000 highly skilled professionals.  In the wake of the global financial meltdown and the Europe crisis, financial services companies in Mauritius are facing crucial choices and mounting strains as they respond to stringent regulatory requirements, sagging investor confidence and plummeting demand in many of their strategic markets.  Besides, the advent of modern technologies for the delivery of financial services has also witnessed soaring cyber security risks that are threatening the sector more than ever before.  Therefore it is imperative that financial services organisations have robust preventive and detective controls in place.

Moore Mauritius can provide advice and support to help you tackle these complex issues and tap new opportunities.  Our industry experience enables our experts to deliver tailored solutions to help companies address these new challenges and give them a competitive edge.

We provide support strategies and solutions for financial institutions to navigate this challenging environment.

Moore Mauritius