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Internal Audit

A critical element of good corporate governance is ensuring that procedures and controls are operating effectively across all operations of an organisation. New demands from boards, and regulators are requiring internal audit groups to continue refocusing their efforts to identify areas of improvement within key operations of the business - thus empowering management to enhance overall performance.
An effective internal audit consists of a systematic review of all the important processes in an organisation, including finance, Human Resource, sales, purchasing, IT and other operational departments.
Internal audit evaluates policies, procedures and controls, to ensure they address:

  • The achievement of objectives;
  • The management of risk;
  • The effective and efficient use of resources;
  • Compliance with external laws and regulations;
  • The safeguarding of assets from fraud, irregularity or corruption;
  • The integrity and reliability of information.

We will focus our work on your key risks, applying creative thought to target our effort as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our internal audit team can offer a rounded service and practical hands-on solutions on how to implement recommendations. We provide both fully outsourced and co-sourced internal audit.

Governance and Assurance
Internal audit is a key building block of sound corporate governance, providing a systematic review of risks and key processes established to mitigate risks.
Moore’s assurance services provide stakeholders including management, owners and customers with the confidence that a business is being managed and governed properly. These days, businesses increasingly recognise the potential to maximise performance through applying best practice and gaining additional assurance.
Our aim is not only to ensure that your systems and controls are operating efficiently and effectively, but also to enable your business to gain commercial value from the exercise.
Our assurance services include: corporate governance framework reviews, internal control health checks and advice on regulatory compliance. Our team of specialists can also help ensure that your IT systems and processes are fit for purpose.
We provide a range of services including strategic advice, project management and technical support.

Our aim is to give you the confidence that your IT systems are secured and fully support your business to cope with a disaster.